9th November 2022, Hotel Bristol, Oslo

(All times are in CET)



8th November Drinks Reception – Faksen Bar, 5-7 Nedre Slottsgate, Oslo



Registration and Networking


PLENARY: Bristol Hall


Welcome Address

Grant Attwell, Director, Cannon Events


Keynote Presentation: Working Together in the Face of Increased Global Turbulence

Geopolitics has hugely impacted our industry and our lives in the last two years, including in the Nordics. In this keynote, we consider how the marine insurance market has been impacted, not only by geopolitical developments, but also by increased polarisation in general.

Presenter: Torunn Biller White, Chief Risk Officer, Gard


Presentation: State of the Nordic Market – A Perfect Storm?

Just as the Nordic Insurance Plan undergoes a revision, the marine market faces some of its toughest challenges as claims costs rise across the board. What will this mean for the upcoming renewals, and how big a part will reinsurers play in any market shifting?

Presenter: Tore Forsmo, (Vice Chair IUMI) Area Manager, Team Norway, The Swedish Club


Panel Discussion: Sustainability – Why the Poseidon Principles Matter

In this discussion, we will review the Poseidon Principles and ask whether insurers as well as owners have a responsibility to embrace this new approach to sustainability. What are the Rules and how do they work? How much of this is talk and how much is action? Will insurers back ship owners as they invest in new, but greener, technologies?

Moderator: Michael North, Commercial Manager Norway and Iceland, Lloyd’s Register

Panellists: Sigvald Fossum, Vice President, Head of Analytics, Gard

John Sullivan, Managing Director, V.Scope Risk Management

Hildegunn Nilssen, Communications Director, Norwegian Hull Club


Networking Break


Fireside Chat: Ukraine – Cost of War Comes Home to Roost for Marine Insurers

Some 90 vessels have been trapped in Ukraine waters since February and many of them have already been written off as total losses, with more to come. In this session we explore the impact of those claims hitting the marine insurance market and the likely consequences for the Nordic region.

Presenters: Svein Ringbakken, Managing Director, DNK

Magnus Husabø Kongsvik, Vice President Global Specialty Claims, Norwegian Hull Club


Presentation: Marine Insurance – Keeping Pace with Demand

In this session we will ask if the insurance industry has really kept pace with what their clients need from a product perspective. We also ask, how does the insurance sector create new products that are fit for purpose, and is the data revolution part of that process?

Presenter: Anders Langeland Johannessen, Head of Special Risks, Lockton Marine


Presentation: The Cyber Threat Against the Maritime Industry and the Requirements for Future Cyber Cover

While shipowners are finding it difficult to understand the value of cyber covers currently available in the market, the insurance industry struggles to apply relevant scenarios for cyber risk within their existing product structure. In this session, we discuss how the insurance industry can work closer with the threat intelligence community to embrace cyber as one of the everyday risks facing business.

Presenters: Lars Benjamin Vold, Managing Director, Norma Cyber

Irene Phillips, Chief Digital Officer, DNK


Panel Discusison: Fires – Cargoes Putting Lives at Risk

Cargo fires continue to dog the market, but are there practical solutions that owners can adopt, with the blessing of their insurers? How can owners of ferries protect their vessels as more drivers bring electric vehicles on board.

Moderator: Danielle Norum Phillips, LL.M. Manager Marine Claims, Wesmans

Panellists: Geir Jörgensen, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Loss Prevention, Skuld

Martti Simojoki, Senior Loss Prevention Manager, Alandia


Lunch Break


PLENARY: Bristol Hall

BREAKOUT ROOM: Mauriske Salong


Panel Discussion: Sanctions – Travelling Through

Cargo Fires: Deep-Dive Workshop

For Norway and other Nordic countries, the recent sanctions against Russian entities has been particularly difficult to monitor and manage, thanks to so much local traffic transiting the region. In this session we look at the fast-changing rules and how owners and their insurers are being forced to adapt.

Following on from the ‘Fires – Cargoes Putting Lives at Risk’ panel discussion before lunch, join Martti and Geir for this interactive workshop where they will do a deep-dive into the carriage of EV’S. With compelling new data, this workshop will discuss factory new vehicles, second hand vehicles, charging onboard (why/why not), fire fighting (differences and similarities with ICE fires), as well as cargo separation and identification.

Moderator: Mariika Virrankoski-Poulsen, Manager, Denmark, Wesmans AS

Panellists: Ingvild Høgenes Nilsen, Vice President, General Counsel, Gard

Mark Church, Director (FD&D) and Head of Sustainability, North P&I Club

Tim Davies, Senior Claims Manager, West P&I Club

Presenters: Geir Jörgensen, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Loss Prevention, Skuld

Martti Simojoki, Senior Loss Prevention Manager, Alandia



Fireside Discussion: Fines – Are Fines Effectively Another Tax on Shipping?

Fines are increasing in frequency in certain parts of the world and have almost become a taxation of trade. In this session, we hear of the latest hotspots and what ship owners and their insurers can do to alleviate the problem.

Participants: Inna Van Spriel, Vice President, Head of Claims, Skuld Oslo 2

Caglar Coskunsu, Partner, Cavus & Coskunsu Law Firm

Benoît Jegou, Managing Director, France P&I


Networking Break


Panel Discussion: Salvage Update

In this session, the panellists will discuss the future of LOF, the status of the Lloyd’s review and likely outcome, the International Group’s report into the impact of delays in salvage contracting, end-of-life challenges in salvage and wreck removal projects, management of casualty-generated waste and disposal of wrecks. They will also look at the Nordic approach to salvage and casualty management, and the importance of good cooperation between H&M and P&I insurers.

Moderator: Herman Steen, Partner, Wikborg Rein


Panellists: Dave Wisse, Senior Commercial Manager, SMIT Salvage

Marcus Cave, Naval Architect, TMC Marine

Helga Grønlund Hodne, Senior Claims Handler and Adjuster, Norwegian Hull Club

Andreas Øgrey, Vice President, Global Head Casualty and Major Claims, SKULD


Fireside Chat: Digitilisation: What’s New?

We often hear about digitlisation, but what is actually new right now? Is it truly paying dividends for owners and their insurers, or is there simply too much useless data clouding the picture? Does the marine market merit bespoke solutions that can properly support underwriters in separating good risks from bad?

Presenters: Andy Yeoman, Chief Executive Officer, Concirrus

Jens Ringefelt, Senior Broker, Lockton Edge


Close of Conference

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