9th & 10thNovember 2023, Quality Hotel Hasle Linie, Oslo

(All times are in CET)


9th November 2023


Pre-Event Networking Drinks at Telegrafen (Wine Bar), Kongens gate 21, 0157 Oslo, Norway


10th November 2023


Registration and Networking sponsored by Noria




Welcome Address

Daniel Creasey, Managing Director, Cannon Events


Keynote Address: How is the Marine Insurance Market Faring?

As the year draws to a close and as the 2024 renewal season looms, this session will consider how the Nordics market is developing. We will take a look at the competition between the Nordics and London for marine market business and consider how the Nordics is adapting to a New World Order.

Presenter: Atle Fjeldstad, Chief Underwriting Officer, Norwegian Hull Club


Fireside Chat: Crew Matter

The Human Rights at Sea charity has been working tirelessly in the marine sector for many years. In this fireside chat, charity CEO David Hammond chats about his work, and why it matters as much as it did a decade ago.

Participants: David Hammond, Chief Executive Officer, Human Rights at Sea

Torunn Biller White, Chief Risk Officer, Gard


Panel Discussion: And There She Blows – The Offshore Market

For marine insurers, the surge in offshore wind projects has meant a similar increase in demand for supply vessels and infrastructure delivery. This session will delve into the changing market and the way in which insurance capacity is adapting. We will also consider whether this sector requires its own chapter within the Nordic Plan. Finally, we will consider the likely claims scenario, particularly the risk of a vessel hitting not just one turbine, but a field, with the consequences for aggregation.

Moderator: Herman Steen, Partner, Wikborg Rein

Panellists: Radmil Kranda, Vice President, Gard

Mats Johan Waage, Commercial Legal Advisor, Norwegian Hulll Club

Michael Andrew, Senior Broker, Gallagher

Eivind Killengreen, Head of Legal and Claims, Wilhelmsen Insurance Services


Networking Break


Panel Discussion: Adjusting to Changing Market Conditions

Loss adjusting is a very essential part of the claims process, so this session will uncover the latest trends in terms of loss adjusting. It will also consider other markets such as London, in comparison to the Nordic approach, and ask whether there need to be changes in the local market.

Moderator: Mariika Virrankoski-Poulsen, Manager, Denmark, Wesmans

Panellists: Andrew Chamberlain, Partner, HFW

Marlena Truszczynska, Vice President Claims, Norwegian Hull Club

Johan Henriksson, Head of Marine Claims, Alandia



Presentation: Up, Up and Away Again – Claims Inflation

The cost of claims has been rising rapidly since the Covid-19 pandemic and the Ukraine war, thanks to a challenged supply chain. Several years on, however, one might have expected the problems to ease. In this session, we do a reality check, analysing the claims costs and the impact that is having on underwriting.

Presenter: Matt Bevan, Claims Director – Nordics and Northern Europe, NorthStandard


Presentation: Climate Change – A Wider Context

Anthropogenic (man-made) climate change presents a huge challenge for humanity, but what is the wider context for variations in the Earth’s climate? in this session, we will look at the manner in which the climate has changed over a time-scale of millions of years in order to set our current challenges in context. You might find the content and conclusions alarming, with definite long-term implications for society and insurance.

Presenter: Andrew Moncrieff, Principle Associate, Hawkins & Associates




Future Session: The Desperate Race to Create a Protection Zone for the Biodiversity in the Rapidly Melting Arctic Ocean

The sea-ice cover once protected the Central Arctic Ocean from threats, but as it melts it exposes the region’s biodiversity to fishing, shipping, mining and pollution. Would a Marine Protected Area help secure this fragile ecosystem, or is it too late?

Presenter: Pen Hadow, Explorer and Conservationist, 90 North Foundation


Lunch and Networking Break



Panel Discussion: From Birth to Death – Shipyards to Recycling

With the IMO’s Hong Kong International Convention set to enter into force within 24 months, this session will include a roundup of the shipyards and shipbuilding market, but also the other end of the cycle, the scrapping and recycling market. We will also look at waste management and the consequences for insurance claims when vessels are trapped while the authorities wrangle over this.

Moderator: Mariika Virrankoski-Poulsen, LL.M. Manager, Marine Claims, Wesmans

Panellists: Caglar Coskunsu, Partner, Cavus & Coskunsu Law Firm

Pia Meling, Managing Director, Grieg Green

Liam Glynn, Underwriter, British Marine



Presentation: Kept in the Dark – The Shadow Fleet

With so-called ‘dark’ vessels sailing through Nordic waters on an almost daily basis, there is huge concern among local players about the consequences of either a collision or a grounding. The question for the market is where the liability lies, and who will ultimately be picking up the tab. This includes a look at issues such as human rights, which are possibly being ignored by these ship owners, along with risk management and insurance.

Presenter: Mark Church, Head of FD&D Claims – Nordics and Northern Europe/Head of Sanctions Advice, NorthStandard


Networking Break


Panel Discussion: Technology – Making the Best of Things

Panel Discussion: Salvage and the True Cost of ESG

Technology, and the way it is used by marine insurers and brokers, is constantly evolving. In this session, we explore the way that insurers and brokers are integrating their systems to maximise cost/benefit effectiveness. We ask how much more the market could do in terms of cooperation, whilst competing at the same time, to ensure that technology is value for money and still relevant. This collaboration could be invaluable across the whole shipping value chain, if implemented correctly.

For salvors, operating in a more ESG-compliant way can come at a huge cost. The question we will consider is whether insurers are ready to pick up those extra costs, or whether they may go for the less pricey option. Does ESG consideration also impact the decision about whether to leave a vessel on the seafloor, or to attempt a costly wreck removal? And finally, we will consider the growing concern about the number of new fuels available and whether salvors can cope.

Moderator: Ronny Reppe, Chief Executive Officer, Noria


Ove Jarl Andersen, Vice President, Digital Customer Offerings, Gard

Nils Arne Fagerli, Head of Specialty,

Marsh Norway

Andy Yeoman, Chief Executive Officer, Concirrus

Moderator: Nina Hanevold-Sandvik, Vice President, Casualty and Major Claims, Skuld

Panellists: Victor Fenwick, Legal Director, HFW

Andreas Brachel, Head of Environmental Claims, Gard

Dave Wisse, Senior Commercial Manager, SMIT Salvage

Eftychia Tsakou, Vice President Claims, Norwegian Hull Club


Presentation: Calm After the Storm – The Latest From Ukraine

Presentation: Electric Vehicle Transport by Sea – Misconceptions and Facts

Most of the marine claims resulting from the Russian attack on Ukraine have been settled. But what next? This session explores the mood among reinsurers and their appetite for business in the region, given the current sanctions environment and continuing war risks.

The recent fires onboard the car carriers and the tragic loss of a seafarer has brought the debate surrounding the transport of electric vehicles (EVs) by sea into sharp focus. Several misconceptions regarding battery electric vehicle fires circulate publicly and lead to uncertainty. Fires in battery electric vehicles are not more dangerous than fires in conventional vehicles and are currently not more frequent.

Presenter: Anders Hovelsrud, Insurance Director, Den Norske Krigsforsikring for Skib

Presenters: Martti Simojoki, Senior Loss Prevention Manager, Alandia

Geir Jorgensen, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Loss Prevention, Skuld


Presentation: Navigating Sanctions Due Diligence in a Changing Landscape

Presentation: Cyber – The Risk of the Uninsured

What makes the sanctions landscape concerning Russia so special? It is clear that sanctions due diligence expectations are on the move and moving quickly. Authorities are increasingly turning their focus to enforcement, which means that it is essential to understand the practical considerations when considering issues with cover and dealing with a claim in a high-risk sanctions environment.

Risk managers and ship owners remain concerned about cyber risks, particularly around risks related to war, which are often excluded. In this session, we will provide an overview of the latest market position on cyber risks and their exclusions, including a breakdown of why the market has had no choice but to introduce limitations on cover.

Presenters: Jacek Liberak, Director, Foss Offshore Wind

Torbjörn Claesson, Corporate Lawyer, The Swedish Club

Presenters: Kelly Malynn, Product Leader Cyber Physical Damage MAP Risks, Beazley

Irene Philipps, Chief Digital and Operations Manager, Den Norske Krigsforsikring for Skib


Close of Conference

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