Marine Insurance Nordics

16th October 2024

Quality Hotel Hasle Linie, Oslo


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Welcome Address: Grant Attwell, Managing Director, Cannon Events


Keynote Address: A Level Shipping Playing Field is a Serious Affair

International maritime laws and regulations developed for more than a century promote safety at sea, protection of the marine environment, effective compensation to victims of accidents and a level playing field for global shipping. Geopolitical conflicts have the potential to disrupt and dismantle the international regimes to the detriment of the shipping companies, coastal states, the climate and biodiversity. Less legal predictability means more uncertainty. The price is ultimately borne by consumers of the goods traded and worse: by everyone else impacted by less efficient trade.

Presenter: Christen Guddal, Chief Claims Officer, Gard


Panel Discussion: Seeing Red – New Risks in the Red Sea

With more than 90 attacks on shipping in the Red Sea, we examine the risks and the impact of the attacks on shipping patterns. We also consider the emerging risks for salvors attempting to operate in these waters and take a look at war clauses in the light of the new exposures.


Panellists: Anders Hovelsrud, Insurance Manager, Den Norske Krigsforsikring for Skib (DNK)

Bas Michiels, Vice President, T&T Salvage


Panel Discussion: The Unintended Consequences – Do Sanctions Really Work?

As neighbours to Russia, both the Nordics and also Turkey are impacted by the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Two years on, new sanctions are being introduced to try to stem the tide of illegal ships transiting European waters. But, we ask in this session, will they work and what might the unintended consequences be? This session will include a look at the Andromeda Star case.


Panellists: Mark Church, Head of FD&D Claims – Nordics & N.Europe/Head of Sanctions Advice, NorthStandard

Tim Davies, Senior Claims Manager, West of England P&I Club


Presentation: Forensic Investigation of Yacht Fires


Presenter: Nick Carey, Engineering, Fire and Explosions Expert, Hawkins & Associates


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Panel Discussion: Energy – All Change Ahead?

Energy transition is particularly relevant to the Nordic market, where many projects are already underway. The marine insurance market is essential in enabling vessels to ply this new trade, so this discussion will centre on the new opportunities. It will include carbon capture, which could become a key market for the whole of the Nordics, but Norway in particular.


Panellists: Ulf Jacobsen, Head of Energy, Howden Norway


Presentation: AI in Practice

In this session, a technology expert talks with a customer about maximising the opportunities presented by new technology, the evolution of artificial intelligence in the marine insurance space and how that might impact on the underwriter of the future. 

Presenter: Andy Yeoman, Chief Executive Officer, Concirrus


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Roundtable Sessions

Each roundtable will run for 30 minutes. There will be a five-minute break to allow delegates to change tables. The tables will then be repeated for the second 30-minute session.


Presentation: Shiver My Timbers – The Polar Code

In the past year, the Nordic Plan working group has been considering insurance conditions for fixed offshore renewable projects, with new clauses under consideration to open up the insurance market. In this session, we discuss the latest state of play before analysing the Norwegian Transparency Act and the way it ought to be implemented, alongside changing European rules and regulations.

Presenter TBC


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Presentation: Making the World Go Round – Supply Chain

Recent disruptions to the global supply chain have had a major impact on shipping and Norway in particular. As we explore in this session, there are a lot of tensions around sanctions and maritime trade routes. The question for the marine insurance market is how to keep up with events and ensure the insurance available remains fit for purpose for clients



Presentation: Dali – The Biggest Claim in Marine History?

The Dali incident in the Port of Baltimore shocked the world and could well result in the largest claim in marine history. Although the likely claims picture is only beginning to emerge, we look at the impact of the claim from the likely rises in rates at the upcoming renewals to the physical challenges posed by the incident.

Presenter: Lockton Edge TBC


Presentation: Resolving the Security and Collections Conundrum in Large Container Salvage and General Average Cases

Experience has shown that, in all large containership cases, the collection of security at the start is a crucial part of protecting the common interests in the maritime adventure. The owners and operators of the ship need to keep the vessel trading and all concerned need to see cargo promptly delivered, while the industry needs to retain a global salvage industry. All of this underlines the importance of an efficient and effective collections approach. 

Presenter: Ian Teare, Partner, Hill Dickinson


Panel Discussion: 2025 Looms Large – How Will the Marine Insurance Market Fare?

Like every class of business, the marine insurance sector works in cycles. In this session, we consider the upcoming renewal season and the claims that are likely to tip the scales between a hard and soft market. We also analyse any new entrants to the sector as well as the underwriting appetite as the 2025 renewal season looms.




Closing Remarks and End of Conference

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