For over 30 years, Noria has delivered core insurance solutions and IT consultancy services to financial institutions. Our success is built on uncompromised focus on customer needs, product quality, in-depth insurance domain competence and IT technology. The Noria team brings together best of both worlds: Decades of software experience, in-depth insurance and bank knowledge, project management and IT consultancy.








RightIndem is a white label, self-service, SaaS insurance claims platform, that puts the customer at the heart of their claim, enabling them to dictate the pace of the process, whilst providing simple status updates. This enables faster claim resolution and improves claim centre productivity, enabling insurers to truly deliver excellent customer service.

The Problem


Insurance claims processes can be painful. Call centre systems and workflows dictate the claims journey, leaving customers frustrated and confused. Customers want an omni-channel experience in order to manage their claim on their terms, rather than being beholden to a handler’s telephone availability.


The Rightindem Solution


Rightindem’s insurance claims customer journey is one of the only software systems in insurance where the needs of the customer are considered before the needs of the workflow system.


By developing the proposition with the customer at the centre, needless processes have been cut and customer satisfaction has soared as a result. We have applied best practice in customer service etiquette from other industries (e-commerce and FMCG) to the insurance industry, a sector that despite proliferating digital investment, is yet to harness true customer centricity and regularly struggles to delight customers due to archaic processes and mystifying language.