Andreas Øgrey

Andreas Øgrey
  • Global Head, Casualty and Major Claims
  • Company: SKULD

Andreas Øgrey has been employed at Skuld since 2014. He is currently Global Head, Casualty and Major Claims at Skuld’s head office in Oslo. He oversees handling of the Association’s Casualty and Major Claims worldwide, spread over its 11 offices and 3 continents with a primary focus in dealing with emergency response, hereunder collisions, allisions, groundings, fires, capsizing, salvage, wreck removal and major pollution incidents for both Owners and Charterers entries entered for P&I risks with Skuld.

Andreas is a Norwegian Lawyer with a specialization in Maritime and Environmental Law. He previously worked for a commercial underwriter before joining Skuld in 2014. Having worked for a decade with wet and dry areas of maritime law, he took up the position as Global Head Casualty and Major Claims in 2016. He also sits on the International Group Salvage and Large Casualty Committees and regularly participates in other industry functions, including the Lloyds Salvage Group and SCOPIC Committee. He is currently part of the Lloyds Review into the LOF and was part of the working group from the International Group that commissioned the report into the Delay in Contracting and Engagement of Salvage Services in Marine Casualties.

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