Andrew Moncrieff

Andrew Moncrieff
  • Principle Associate
  • Company: Hawkins

In the late 1980s and early 90s Andrew worked primarily as a geologist studying the evidence for ancient climates left behind in the geological record.  His first areas of study were the rocks left behind in East Greenland 650 million years ago by what was probably the Earth’s deepest glaciation.  He then moved geographically and climatically to look at the tropical fossil forests of Antarctica, which grew in the Cretaceous, a time when there were no ice caps at all.  This work, and subsequent studies have given him an unusual perspective on the subject of climate change.

Until recently, Andrew was the Managing Director of Hawkins, forensic investigators, who specialise in marine and cargo incidents including fires, self-heating, liquefaction, cargo spoilage and failures of all types in the marine sphere.

He continues to work for Hawkins but now concentrates on casework rather than management and specialises in liquefaction, fires and explosions.

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